How do I register?

You can create a Zilingo account by following the 5 simple steps below :

  • Click on Login/Sign up
  • Click on Register
  • Create a new Zilingo account using your email ID or register via Facebook
  • Fill your personal details
  • Click on “Submit” and you’re all done!

How do I place an order?

  • Pick the products you love
  • Choose the colour and size that’s perfect for you
  • Click Add to cart or buy now and click “continue”
  • Sign in via Facebook / Email
  • Type your delivery address and other details
  • Select your payment method and click on “Checkout”
  • Enter your payment details on the secure page
  • Woohoo! You will receive an order confirmation email once your order has been placed successfully.

How do I search for products?

You can search for products by browsing for collections, products, brands, campaigns on the “Search bar”, on the top right corner. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will find it for you!

How can I add or remove items from my shopping cart?

To add items, you can click on “Add to cart” on the product page.
To remove or view items, click on “Go to cart” or “Cart Icon” (top right corner of the page on desktop and mobile), and select the items you wish to remove.

Is it possible to place an order on Facebook?

No. You can place an order only via our website www.zilingo.com or download our apps via Google Playstore or App Store.


I used a voucher, but I want to return. Will I get the voucher back?

We’re sorry, the vouchers offered by Zilingo are single use only and will not be issued again.

How to apply vouchers?

To apply a voucher, you can click on Cart > “Apply different coupon” > Input new coupon name.


What is Zilingo cashback?

Zilingo cashback are points you earn when spending on Zilingo. The more cashback accumulated, the more benefits can be enjoyed on the Zilingo site.

How to earn cashback?

The more you shop the more you earn! Once an order eligible for cashback has been confirmed, cashback will automatically be added to your Zilingo account.
The amount of cashback given depends on the amount spent on Zilingo, products purchased, date-time of purchase, and number of purchases on Zilingo. The amount you earn for a specific purchase is displayed at the time of purchase. The maximum cashback you can earn varies from offer to offer.
*Terms and conditions are subject to change.

How do I get my cashback?

You earn cashback only on certain “eligible” products. On purchasing such products, cashback will automatically be added to your Zilingo account.

How to find out my total earned cashback?

You can view a detailed summary of the cashback earned under:-
Account > Cashback.

I’ve been shopping a lot on Zilingo, but I have not received any cashback?

The cashback program started on the 28/5/2018. Purchases before this are not eligible for cashback.
The amount of cashback given depends on the amount spent on Zilingo, products purchased, date & time of purchase, and number of purchases on Zilingo. The amount you earn for a specific purchase is displayed at the time of purchase.

Is there a maximum limit to the cashback I can earn?

There is a maximum limit to how much cashback can be earned per purchase. The amount earned for a specific purchase is displayed at the time of the purchase.

I bought items with cashback and returned the items, can I re-claim the cashback amount I used to purchase the returned items?

Yes, if you have returned your order/parts of order within the return T&C guidelines, you will receive the cashback used for the returned order/part of order back on your cashback account.This will usually take 4-5 working days to process.

I bought items with cashback and then cancelled my order, can I re-claim the cashback amount I used to purchase the returned items?

Yes, if you have cancelled your order within the cancellation T&C guidelines you will receive the unused cashback back to your cashback account. This usually takes 4-5 working days to process.


Which currency can I pay in?

You can currently pay in USD only.

How to pay?

To make a payment , Click on Cart > “Continue” > Select or input delivery address > Select Payment method (COD/Credit/ Debit Card/ Offline Epay, Internet banking) , and then click on “ Pay”

Can I change my payment method after order has been placed?

No. Unfortunately, once the order has been placed, you may not change your payment method.

What are the available payment methods on Zilingo?

We offer the following payment methods :

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card

For more details on each payment method, contact us support@zilingo.com

Which credit cards are accepted for payment?

Zilingo accepts all major credit cards supported by VISA, Amex or Mastercard.
Your card details will be protected using the PCI DSS Compliance (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) used by our payment gateway partners.

Does Zilingo keep my credit card details once the transaction is completed?

We do not retain your credit card information after your order is completed; it is submitted directly to our payment gateway partners for payment processing.
Please be assured that every credit card transaction on Zilingo occurs within a secure environment.
Your card details will be protected using the PCI DSS Compliance (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) used by our payment gateway partners.


How do I qualify for Afterpay?

To use Afterpay, you will need to:

  • Have an eligible US-issued debit or credit card
  • Be over 18 years of age and the legal age in your state of residence
  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and US mobile number
  • Be a resident of the United States

How do I register for Afterpay?

You can create an Afterpay account by following the simple steps below:

When can I use Afterpay?

  • You can use Afterpay for all orders between $35 to $1,000
  • If available, Afterpay will appear as a payment option at the payment screen of checkout.
  • Follow the steps to make your payment

How long do I have to complete payment to Afterpay?

  • Pay for your purchases over four simple instalments, due every 2 weeks with no interest or added fees
  • If you are a fist time AfterPay user the first payment will be upon purchase
  • There are no upfront payment for returning Afterpay users

Are there any hidden fees in using Afterpay?

Afterpay is always zero interest, and there are never additional fees when you pay on time. The only fees are for late payments. AfterPay will email your payment schedule and send notifications so there are no surprises.

What happens if I can’t complete a payment to Afterpay?

As soon as you miss a payment, Afterpay will immediately stop you from making any further purchases using their facilities.

Afterpay will give you till 11pm on the following day to make your repayment and then you will incur a late fee for a missed payment that is not resolved. This will be an initial $8 and a further fee of $8 if the payment is not made within 7 days.

To protect you, the late fees are capped and will never go higher than 25% of the price of the item you purchased.

How will I be refunded for returns when using Afterpay?

  • If your entire order is refunded prior to your first payment being charged no payment will be taken for your order.
  • If returning products from your order, any refunds are adjusted to your final payment schedule with AfterPay.

How long will purchase approval take after using Afterpay?

There will be instant approval decision and shipment. You’ll know you’ve been approved within seconds. Orders ship as they would with any other form of payment, as quickly as you choose.

Shipping and delivery

I received an “Order Confirmation” email. When will I get my item?

You will receive your order in 2-5 working days after you have received the order confirmation email. This timeline might be longer if you have ordered from an international seller.

Will I get a call before delivery?

Not necessarily. As we work with multiple delivery partners, they each have their own levels of communications, such as SMSes, emails or calls.
Typically, they do contact the customer, prior to their arrival, but we are not able to guarantee that. If you are not available at the time of your delivery attempt, the courier partner will surely try to re-deliver to you at another time.

How to track my order?

You can track the real-time status of your order by clicking on “Profile” (Top right corner). Select “Orders” in the drop down menu to view details of your purchases.
Select the SOD you want to view and click “View”.

What if I’m not at home during delivery?

If you are not available at the time of your delivery attempt, don’t worry, our courier partner will surely try to re-deliver to you at another time.
In the event you wish to change your delivery address, please do email us at support@zilingo.com so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

How can I change delivery address/ phone number/ recipient for my existing order?

Please feel free to send in your request to support@zilingo.com with the order number (beginning with SOD) and indicate the new delivery address/ phone number.

Can I check the item before signing during delivery?

No. The parcel can only be opened once you signed for the package. If you find an issue with the item, you can reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to assist you with the returns/ exchange process.

What are the operating hours of delivery service?

We work with multiple delivery partners, and operating hours for each delivery partner may differ However, you can expect your item to be delivered from 8:30am to 7:30pm
Our delivery partners will contact you prior to the delivery attempt in order to communicate the exact time of delivery.

I received a delivery confirmation email, but I have still not received my item?

In such cases, we advise you to check with your friends or family members incase they have accepted the parcel on your behalf.
Incase you still fail to locate your parcel, you can reach out to us at support@zilingo.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

I ordered 3 items but only received only 1. Why?

If you ordered from multiple sellers or stores in one order, then you would receive your order in separate parcels from each seller.
However, if you ordered all the items from the same seller and still find some items missing in your parcel, then please reach out to us at support@zilingo.com and we will investigate the matter for you right away.

Can I pick my order from Zilingo office?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such a service right now.

Is it possible to get next day delivery?

Zilingo does not offer next day delivery services at the moment. However, please be rest assured that we will try our best to ensure your parcel is delivered within the promised delivery time.

What is the delivery fee charged by Zilingo?

There is a minimum purchase required to enjoy FREE delivery. Orders above 40 USD enjoy free shipping. For orders lesser than 40 USD, the shipping fee per parcel is 3.90 USD

Returns/ Exchanges

How can I schedule a return for my order?

If you want to return a product, feel free to reach out to our customer support team by shooting a mail at support@zilingo.com . Our team will send you a return form to you.
For more details on the returns process, please refer to our Returns and exchange policy

Is it possible to exchange my order instead of opting for refund?

If you wish to trade or exchange your item to a new color or size, we request you to please return your original order and place a fresh order for your desired item. The refund for your returned order will be processed in 3-5 working days.

Can I exchange a defective or faulty item?

Incase you wish to exchange a faulty or incorrect product, you can get in touch with our Customer Happiness team, and send us supporting images of the products. Our team will assist to send you a “returns form”, and issue a voucher for you to place a fresh order for your desired product.

Can I return an item for an exchange instead of a refund?

If you’re looking to return a faulty or incorrect item, please get in touch with us so we can get this sorted for you.

You can return your item for an exchange , as long as the new item is available in stock. If you want to exchange for a different colour, the price of both colours must be the same as the price at which you bought the original product.

Please refer to our Returns and exchange policy for more details on how to schedule an exchange

Which items are not eligible for return?

Yes, given below is the list of products not eligible for return:

  • Lingerie and Nightwear
  • Swimwear
  • Shapewear
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Opened & used cosmetic items
  • Items found with traces of wear & tear
  • Electronics under warranty: In case the buyer receives the product in decent condition with no damage, but encounters problems with it after 7 days, please contact the brand of the electronic product directly
  • Non-damaged, non-defective electronics with broken seals/tampered bar codes

What should I do if the amount refunded to me is incorrect?

We’re really sorry if we’ve made a mistake with your refund! If this is the case please contact our Customer Care Team and we’ll try and sort it out for you as soon as possible.
Please note that if one item from your entire sub order (SOD) was refunded, the delivery fee for this item will not be included in the refund amount.

Can I return a part of my order?

Yes. In this case, you can send us the Sub Order ID (SOD) of the concerned product, and we will process your request accordingly.

How can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please do reach out to our Customer care team and we will process your cancellation request at our end.

Do I have to bear the shipping cost for a returned product?

You are not required to pay any shipping fee for returns/ exchange. It is completely free for you!

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