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Guitar Apparel 1960

About Guitar Superior quality is the name of the game. Beginning in 1960, Guitar Apparel 1960 had sworn to provide its consumers top-of-the-line products and services at an economical price. In its commitment to excellence, the brand worked its way and introduced De Hilo innovation in the Philippines in 1970. “De hilo” is a Spanish short term for “Hilo de Escocia” which literally means “finest cotton.” Seeing its potential, what’s first used as labels and tags for white shirts and sandos had become the prime material in producing comfortable and durable clothing. From manufacturing undergarments, the company has grown into production of other wardrobe basics catering a larger market than ever. In its pursuit to slice through demographics, the brand is converged at injecting new and vibrant ideas in its product lines, being keen in responding to latest trends in general favorites, fashion and style. For over 50 years now, Guitar has been providing consumers its quality products through merchandising and being present at about a hundred retail spaces in the country
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